JSSK Golf day at Hyogo Country Club, May 15th, 2004

JSSK ゴルフ: 兵庫カントリークラブにて開催されました

We gathered 08:30 at Hyogo Country (http://www.hyogo-cc.co.jp/), on a sunny Saturday morning, just north of Kobe. Although only being six participants, thus two three-balls, we could enjoy a good day at the course which had its up and downs in both terrain and scoring. But to all of us we believed it was a very nice classic course in the beautiful mountains of Kobe. Experience and skill prevailed, as usual, with Asaki-san winning with 85 gross and net score counted under the double perrier system. The scoring and positions as below.

Player Gross Hcp (double perrier) Net
1. Asaki 85 10.8 74.2
2. Uetani 98 21.6 76.4
3. Makino 113 36 77
4. Fahlstedt 96 16.8 79.2
5. Okui 102 21.6 80.4
6. Ellerstedt 121 36 85


From left: Anna Ellerstedt, Sachio Asaki, Yuji Makino, Joakim Fahlstedt, Yoshihiro Uetani, Hideki Okui

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