SAKURA VIEWING PARTY in Kitano, April 3rd, 2004


Thanks for your attendance to our Ohanami, close to the Kitano-club on April 3rd. All of us had quite a nice party with good dishes for eating and drinking. We say thank you to Mr. & Mrs. Asaki for their kind hospitality.

We enjoyed a nice time talking, altogether 15 members from JSSK. Thanks to Ms. Kajimoto and her friend from Kanazawa city, Ms. Honjyo from Kyoto and Ms. Ohira who has just returned from Sweden after 1.5 years study in Sweden. Thanks to Mr. Kenny Schonberg, who was the only Swede. Also thanks to Ms. Hashimoto and Ms. Sakakibara, who are newcomers to JSSK. Thank you George for your good Osaka dialog/accent and thank you Nanako Yoshida and your good boy Kotaro. Finally, thanks to Mr. Yamasaki, Mr. Harada and Ms. Shiba for joining us.