INFIORATA on Kitanozaka, April 28th, 2007





 On the sunny morning of April 28, 14 members of the Japan-Sweden Society of Kansai gathered at Kobe’s Kitanozaka and took part in the Infiorata Kobe Kitanozaka 2007 with the local volunteers.

 This year’s theme was “The World’s Festivals”. In Sweden on the summer solstice, people raise the Maypole, dance around the pole and enjoy the traditional midsommar food and drinking akvavit. The Japan-Sweden Society of Kansai presented the Midsommarfest with the tulip petals. There was Maypole in the center and the boy Viking and the girl Viking were dancing around the Maypole.

 We pulled petals off of tulips one after another and spread them out with care. All of us were satisfied with the colorful and beautiful completed work and we’re sure that every one of Kitanozaka’s visitors enjoyed them.

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