The Annual JSSK Lucia Fest - Dec 14th 2003

Also this year the JSSK annual Lucia fest was organised at the Kobe Club. How nice is it not to be welcomed by the air filled with the sound from children and families mixed with the herbal smell of glögg. The attendance was great and with many new faces. The program was varying with a lot of events and as usual over the schedule for all of us delighted. One of the topics this year was to present the new members of the JSSK Board with Hans Rhodiner as the executive director.


Mixed with soft drinks, coffee and cookies were greetings by the president of the JSSK, Toshizo Ido, Governor of Hyogo Prefecture

and the Swedish Embassy representative Sven Östberg.

 A group of amateur singers were easily brought on stage to execute some of the traditional Christmas carols,

however, outranged by the beautiful Lucia and her maids, star boys and Christmas elf with clear voices in their devoted singing.

We also listened to the performance of the Kokinsyu group making the air vibrate from the sound of a variety of drums.

Many of the adults’ expectations certainly were the fantastic prizes and as usual donated to the lottery - this year with the first prize as a trip in business class with and by Finnair. But what is that for the youngest when Sancta comes from the artic region on stage with a heavy sack full of bags with candies.


All the Lucia fest ended with families and JSSK members wishing each other a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year either spending the last days of the year in Japan or paying a visit to folks in Sweden.

Those are the words from Sancta and how he remembers the Lucia fest 2003......