The Annual JSSK Lucia Fest - Dec 12th 2004  (click for program in Swedish)

JSSK恒例のルシア祭 が20041212日に開催されました

This year’s Lucia was celebrated on Dec 12th with 110 participants at the Kobe Club. The activity committee of JSSK and its volunteers, who we thank for making this event possible, had prepared an ambitious program. We had the honour of the participation of Mr. Cederin, Counsellor Economic and Financial Affairs, and his family, from the Swedish Embassy in Tokyo. Also we were honoured by the presence of Hyogo Governor Ido and Honorary Consular of Sweden in Kobe, Mr. Wada.

Enjoying the glögg (mulled and spiced wine) as a “starter”, the Managing director of JSSK, Mr. Rhodiner Welcomed ! the guests.

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Whereas followed by the pageant of Santa Lucia and her maids, star boys and little brownies in a beautiful procession, in high voices singing of the heavy silence of the winter night and the sudden arrival of the light clad saint – symbolizing the light of faith and the promise of the sun’s return.

After many Christmas carols, coffee and tea were served with saffron buns and gingerbread biscuits.

Governor Ido made a speech and gave as a gift a necklace with the symbol of Kobe to the Lucia, Tova Stärn, and also thanked with flowers the mother of Lucia.


We were greeted by Mr. Cederin and then in choir sang Christmas songs on the stage in Swedish, English and Japanese !

A great entertainment show by “Dai-chan” followed, with his “magic balloons”, juggling of balls, fruits and even a sword, and balancing of plates.

Long-line dance followed, led by Mr. Dufke, and all participants were dancing and singing hand in hand through the corridors of the club.


Finally the children could expect the Jultomten (Santa Claus) and his entrance to the party after a long traveling journey from Sweden. All children claimed to have been good during the year and were given candy bags.


Finally, the lucky ones and who were quite many, received nice gifts from the lottery, courtesy of the generous sponsors. At the end, Mr. Rhodiner thanked everyone for their participation and enjoyment of, again, a very successful Lucia party.

With those words we also would like to wish everybody a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR