EGM and MIDSOMMAR FEST, June 26th, 2004



















 This year’s Midsummer Fest was a clear success with more than 50 participants despite it being an indoor event, which in a usual Swedish setting would seldom be the case. But the decision was chosen wisely as the backyard of KRAC was still wet and too risky to plan in case new showers were to appear.

 Midsummer is traditionally celebrated in the period of June 21-26 between a Friday and Saturday that appear in that period, related to the culminating “longest” day of the year in Sweden.

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 The preparations started at 14:00 with greenery collections for the majstång (i.e. maja means decorating with green), or midsummerpole, under the supervision of Mr. Morgan Sohtell and Ms. Anna Ellerstedt and the highly appreciated support of several volunteers. The result became a beauty in itself considering also the limitation of greenery and flowers that could be used – keeping in mind that the original version depicts the raising of a midsummerpole clad with different flowers and herbs and as the saying is, the girls used to collect seven flowers and place under their pillows, dreaming of their future husbands…..and the dancing rituals around the midsommerpole is to give a magic power during the night of midsummer…..

 At 16:00 and prior to the festivities we had an Extraordinary General Meeting to the members to both shed some light on still pending not fully transparent expenses that were to be reported according to the previous AGM as well as agree on the change of fiscal year from previous calendar year reporting as well as introducing of our new boardmember Ms. Anna Ellerstedt as Mr. Morgan Sohtell soon will have to leave according to his international assignment term in Japan. We took great pleasure in that our Governor of Hyogo prefecture and President of JSSK, Mr. Ido, could participate in this event. Mr. Hans Rhodiner, Managing Director of JSSK, headed the meeting.


 The celebrations started at 17:00 and all were glad to enjoy the KRAC prepared smörgåsbord where servings of graved lax, herring, Jansson’s temptation, meatballs, potatoes, fresh dill, and bread, were accompanied by the likewise compulsory Aquavits that were of various kinds this year, collected by Mr. Asaki.

 After an opening address by Governor Ido, the rituals followed by introduction of the Swedish schnapps song “Helan går” under the lead of Mr. Rhodiner. Thereafter the dancing around the pole by all participants followed several songs. In addition to the smörgåsbord and schnapps, pastry and coffee was served.

 Many thanks to the organizers that had made a great event, appreciated by the JSSK board, all members and its guests.