SWEDEN in KANSAI, Nov 18th, 2004

関西日本スウェーデン協会45周年記念行事の"スウェーデンin 関西"1118日(木)に兵庫県国際交流協会 にて開催されました


"The Event" of the year for Japan-Sweden Society in Kansai (JSSK) was held in connection with the society's 45-year anniversary, co-hosted by Hyogo International Association, JSSK, Embassy of Sweden and the Swedish Honorary Consulate in Kobe. More than 90 participants were present at this highly successful gathering that also featured a gallery opening "Discover Sweden: A place for All", portraying Sweden from various aspects. The gallery will be open until Dec 8th, 2004. For more information on the gallery, click HERE. For articles published about the gallery click HERE and for English translation click HERE. Also please see bottom of this page for more pictures from the gallery.

After a panel seminar with an emphasis on the "promotion of Sweden in Kansai", a reception followed with a delicious smorgasbard style mix of Swedish and Japanese delicatessen.

Opening of Gallery "Discover Sweden: A place for All"

Opening ceremony was held for the gallery inaugurated by Mikael Lindström, Swedish Ambassador to Japan.

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The gallery was entered by the participants, headed by Ms Cecilia Saito, who had contributed extensively in making this a very illustrative depiction of Sweden in its varieties.

Seminar on "How to promote Sweden in Kansai"

Moderated by Mr. Naoya Wada, Honorary Consular of Sweden in Kobe, the seminar started by the Swedish Ambassador to Japan with a look at the similarities between Swedes and Japanese that favors good relationships, then a general look at technologies such as IT and Biotechnology that are areas highly developing in the Kansai region. Prior to a more detailed discussion on Swedish development in areas such as environment, an explanation by Mr. Hans Rhodiner, Managing Director of JSSK, outlined the origin of JSSK 45 years ago and its founders. It then discussed the importance of the Kansai region and its size as an opportunity for Swedish companies to establish business operations as an alternative to the Kanto region. Sweden was highlighted by Mr. Peo Ekberg, Environmental Consultant, as a nation that has come far in environmental concern and vision of a sustainable environment. Then, a presentation was done by Mr. Roger Neckelius, IKEA KK, of the Swedish IKEA group, its guiding principles, success stories and plans for Japan and Kansai.

A panel discussion was held, moderated by Mr. Matano, former Japan Ambassador to Sweden, that in more detail elaborated on how Sweden can further develop its presence in the Kansai region.


After the panel discussion, former Governor of Hyogo Prefecture and Honorary President of Japan Sweden Society in Kansai, Mr. Toshitami Kaihara, opened the reception smorgasbord for all participants.


More pictures from the gallery (click on picture to enlarge):