JSSK & SWEA Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner at Kobe Club enjoying the typical Swedish Julbord by the kitchen Chef Kamiki-san and his staff is really to recommend. 38 JSSK and SWEA members with guests kept going again and again to fill their plates with herring, gravlax (salmon), paté, Christmas ham, meatballs and all other goodies from the kitchen. 

The traditional Lucia train, arranged by SWEA, with Lucia Vanessa Åsell and other Japanese and Swedish singers entertained with Swedish Christmas carols. Three of Lars Bergman’s students also took part in the Lucia train and they seemed to have no problems with the Swedish songs. Nakamura-san brought his harmonica and showed his ability to play Swedish Christmas carols as well.

No Christmas dinner without snaps songs. Some of us were accused of making noise instead of singing!!


 SWEAが伝統のルシア行列をアレンジし、ヴァネッサ オーセルさんがルシア姫をつとめ、日本とスウェーデン人が一緒にクリスマスキャロルを歌いました。ラース バーグマンさんの3人の日本人学生がルシア行列に参加し、スウェーデンの歌を一緒に歌いました。中村さんがハーモニカでスウェーデンのクリスマスキャロルを披露してくれました。